We offer tape extension services to our clients at a range of lengths and colours. Each extension service is customised to the clients exact colour and style desired. We can install as little as 6 tapes or as many as 150 tapes, depending on the desired length, thickness and style. 

How long do tape extensions last? 

The hair itself should last you upwards of 12 months with proper care and using the right shampoos and conditioners at home. 

How often do I need to get them retaped? 

Tape in hair extensions last 6-8 weeks with proper care and maintenance before needing to be removed and replaced. 

Is the hair real human hair? 

Yes, the hair is real human hair! You can colour it, curl it, straighten it and wash your hair as per normal. 

My Hair is curly, do tape on extensions work on curly hair?

Absolutely, Tape in hair extensions can be used on any kind of hair and any ethnicity. If you find it hard to manage your curly hair we can always discuss options such as a keratin or hair botox treatment prior to installing your tape extensions to make it easier to maintain. 

I train at the gym everyday and I sweat on my scalp, will this affect my tape in extensions? 

Although we don't recommend washing your hair daily, there are other ways around sweating at the scalp. Ensure to dry off your hair with a blow-drier as soon as you get home from the gym to stop the sweat from impacting the tape adhesion.

I have really thin hair and I'm scared the tape will show, is there a way around that? 

Yes, of course! We tailor the installation of your extensions based on your exact hair type. Finer hair types require more attention to detail when it comes to installing tape extensions and we pride ourselves on ensuring you get the best outcome regardless of the density of your hair. 

I don't really want extensions for length, only thickness. Can we achieve this?

A lot of our clients choose to only add extensions for volume/thickness as opposed to length and that is very achievable. We will discuss your tape extension options at your first consultation and determine how many tape extensions you need to achieve your desired look.

I don't want to bleach my hair because I'm scared of the damage but I wan't to install extensions that are lighter than my natural hair colour, can we do this? 

We most definitely can! We've installed blends of lighter hair colours and actually prefer doing this a lot of the time to add depth or dimension to our clients hair. These options can also be discussed at your first consultation. 

Can I curl my extensions? 

You can definitely style your tape extensions using heat as long as you're always using a heat protection spray and never increasing the temperature past 190 degrees celcius.

What shampoo am I supposed to use with my hair extensions? 

You must always use a sulphate free shampoo when wearing tape extensions. We can recommend a few based on your hair type when you come into the salon. 

Can I remove my tape in hair extensions myself?

Although tape in hair extensions can be removed at home, assistance from a licensed professional is the safest option.


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