Many girls have experienced having short hair that doesn't grow past shoulder length, and I was one of them. Growing up with fine hair proved to be a problem because bleaching it only exasperated the issue I was facing: hair that didn't grow past my shoulders and broke off just by brushing it. 

I had been to many hairdressers in the past and all of them were very happy to bleach and colour my hair, however no one seemed to focus on the integrity of it.  After speaking to so many other people, I established that I wasn't the only person experiencing this drawback. 

I scoured the market to find a product that worked to help my hair feel healthier and stumbled across this Hair Botox formula. I knew it was sourced overseas and I needed to know more about it, so I tried it on myself and fell in love. After the first wash, my hair was smoother and easier to manage. It cut my blowdrying time from 27 minutes to 4 minutes, my hair was shinier and felt stronger after the first application and the results were instantly remarkable. At this point, I knew every girl in Sydney needed to know about it too. This is the story of how Nara Hair Co was born. 

Before tackling other peoples hair needs, I set out to study and qualify myself as a hairdresser. I learned all about different hair types, the science behind hair and what it means to have healthy, strong hair. I established a small 4x4 salon in an Earlwood arcade and this is when the magic started. 

I'm Nancy Slewa, the founder of Nara Hair Co. 

My small and humble beginnings was the foundation for where we are today. Two years on, we've grown from a team of one (me) to a team of three. We've expanded into a new and much larger location, we've serviced upwards of 1000+ clients and have also travelled to Melbourne several times to service clients there too. Below is a short video of the space we expanded into in October of 2021 


This is only the beginning of our journey and I can't be prouder of how far it has come! We look forward to welcoming new faces everyday and love transforming your hair and restoring your confidence, one hair strand at a time. 

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